Behind The Scenes At Shades Events

Welcome To Our 1500 sq ft Toy Shed For Events
Keeping up with today’s trends Shades Events has invested into new technology’s from wireless up lighters battery powered colour changing tables freeing you from the plug socket with long life battery power it’s a new concept for events.

Behind every event we cover there’s a lot of preparation and general maintenance making sure to lighting and sound is in tip top condition after all first impressions count.

Since I can remember I’ve always done this as common practice because like staff and equipment if you treat it right and look after it it will work for you for many years to come.

soundPAT Testing
PAT testing all our cables and equipment keeps us on top of any malfunctions that could be starting to happen and keeps a good record of the reliability of the equipment used for events. Plus it’s law to hold a PAT test certificate.

Sound Systems
Our sound systems are checked every time they leave the warehouse for marks and scratches and cleaned…we don’t want to be leaving tracks on a white carpet!

Lots Of Space
With space to prepare for events to pre build show before moving them to site giving us the chance to iron out any unseen build problems making the end results more professional and quicker build times.


With the use of macs and cad programs we are able to show our customers the look of there events as a 3D image plus this also generates a picking list and costings so we can tailor it to suit there budget seeing your event before it’s even built offering a bespoke services.

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