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Shades Events are one of the premier corporate event planning and product launch teams in the UK!


We are based in Kent and at Shades Discotheques we offer corporate event planning, corporate event organisers, corporate event ideas and corporate video production for your special birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries, Christmas parties or product launch. We can cater for your product launch or any corporate planning you need to make the day even better; our services are available in Kent, Surrey, London, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Essex, Sussex and throughout the UK.

Whitehouse needed us to provide a striking display stand at Blue Water shopping centre over a weekend to showcase their new car (left), but first we were asked to put together a spectacular show evening at their Dartford showrooms. On site at Dartford our product launch used a tri light rig and a car stand, intelligent lighting, strobe lighting in tubes and colour washed the show room with ever changing coloured light. Added to this we used smoke and surround sound for the maximum effect.

The car, at first, was under wraps and was revealed to the sound of Robert Miles’ ‘Children’. We were told that both shows were a great success due to our part in the corporate event and that they sold three cars at the evening party held in their showrooms (normally people just turn up for the party).

We can help you to arrange your product launch, whether it’s a new product launch, company product launch for commercial businesses, big or small, product launch events or a corporate product launch provided. We can provide some great product launch ideas for your events, and we listen to you, we are based in Kent, but we operate across the UK, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Essex, Surrey, London and in the South.

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