Generator Hire

Are fuel costs and the environmental impact of providing power at your event concerning you?

Event Electrix have developed a system that can dramatically reduce your events fuel usage therefore reducing both costs and CO2 emissions.

The principles of a generator engine are the same as a car engine, it will burn fuel even if it is just idling. The bigger the engine the more fuel is used. Instead of using one large generator for the event we use a number of smaller generators connected together to provide the same amount of power. The generators start/stop automatically as the demand for power increases/decreases. This means that effectively you are burning the correct amount of fuel for the power you are using.

For example:
If you needed 450kva of power for a 4hr peak period of the show and the rest of time the power was only needed for example for fridges and security lighting we can show you the potential savings. A 450kva generator at full load would use 85ltrs per hr and at little or no load it would use 28ltrs per hr. So using the above example over a 24hr period it would use 900ltrs.

Event Electrix would provide 3 x 150kva generators and at full load would use approximately the same as a 450kva but when the load drops two of the three generators would stop automatically. The 150kva would use 10ltrs per hour so over a 24hr period our system would only use 540ltrs. A reduction of 360ltrs per day or approximately £288.00 or 965.52kg of CO2. The savings are even greater in the build-up and set-down period of an event.

Make sure you have enough power for your party or event. We offer mobile generators for hire, also car Park lighting for the safety and security of your guests.

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